When it comes to exterior painting in Savannah GA, choosing the right colors can make all the difference in enhancing your home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic. At Artisan Painting, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect exterior colors to complement Savannah’s unique architectural styles and natural surroundings.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your home’s exterior or embark on a new painting project, here are ten of the best exterior colors for your Savannah GA painting project.

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1. Coastal Blue

Capture the essence of Savannah’s coastal charm with a soothing shade of coastal blue for your home’s exterior. This serene hue reflects the tranquil waters of the nearby Atlantic Ocean and creates a welcoming and refreshing ambiance.

2. Lowcountry Gray

Embrace the timeless elegance of Savannah’s Lowcountry style with a sophisticated shade of gray for your home’s exterior. Lowcountry gray pairs beautifully with white trim and accents, creating a classic, understated look that never goes out of style.

3. Southern Yellow

Infuse your home with Southern charm and warmth by opting for a cheerful shade of Southern yellow for your exterior. This vibrant hue evokes Savannah’s sunny skies and cheerful spirit, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for visitors and passersby.

4. Historic Green

Pay homage to Savannah’s rich history and lush landscapes with a traditional shade of historic green for your home’s exterior. This timeless hue adds a touch of elegance and sophistication while blending seamlessly with the city’s iconic oak-lined streets.

5. Savannah Beige

Keep it classic and sophisticated with a soft and neutral shade of Savannah beige for your home’s exterior. This versatile hue complements various architectural styles and landscaping features, providing a timeless and elegant look that never goes out of style.

6. Riverfront Red

Make a bold statement with a striking shade of riverfront red for your home’s exterior. This vibrant hue adds color and personality, creating a visually stunning focal point that separates your home.

7. Palmetto Green

Embrace Savannah’s natural beauty with a lush shade of palmetto green for your home’s exterior. This earthy hue reflects the city’s abundant greenery and creates a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

8. Magnolia White

Create a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication with a crisp and clean shade of magnolia white for your home’s exterior. This classic hue pairs beautifully with any architectural style and landscaping features, providing a fresh, inviting look that stands the test of time.

9. Riverwalk Taupe

Channel the rustic charm of Savannah’s Riverwalk with a warm and inviting shade of riverwalk taupe for your home’s exterior. This earthy hue complements the city’s historic buildings and cobblestone streets, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

10. Ocean Breeze

Bring a touch of coastal charm to your home with a serene shade of ocean breeze blue for your exterior. This calming hue reflects the nearby ocean and sky colors, creating a peaceful and tranquil oasis perfect for escaping city life’s hustle and bustle.

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