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Wallpaper Removal

Besides being painters we are also wallpaper removal contractors. With a little patience, most old wallpaper can be removed from walls by a trained professional with little difficulty. Wallpaper removal, if done the right way, shouldn’t damage the surface of the wallboard underneath. We spray the wallcovering surface with a mixture of hot water and “Dif,” an enzyme based wallpaper remover. The enzyme in the solution breaks down the starch in the adhesive. It loosens the bond and allows the old wallpaper to be scraped off. Some fabric backed vinyl wallpapers are dry stripped. Whether wallpaper removal is done wet or dry, we always wash paste from the walls. wallpaper removal

If a previously papered area is to be painted, we recommend a coat of Zinsser “Gardz” primer to seal any adhesive that might be left after washing. Priming keeps any residual adhesive from reacting with the paint and prevents flaking or peeling of the finish coat. Check wallpaper removal in the “Tips Blog” to help you do it yourself.

We use the same basic procedure to remove popcorn ceilings. In removing popcorn texture, additional spackling might be necessary since textured coatings are often used to cover up imperfect surfaces.



When installing new wallcovering, the key once again is preparation. We reccomend removing old wallpaper before hanging new paper Cracks and / or imperfections in wall surfaces are repaired. Sometimes a primer is required to seal unsound surfaces. To assure adhesion we use a latex wall prep, R-35 and the proper adhesive to go with your wallcovering.

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