Painting New Construction

Repainting an existing residence is different from painting new construction.  A newly renovated space needs a professional touch.    There are many facets to working on new construction.  Addressing those individual items with professionally applied, quality materials will add value to your project.  Priming new wallboard is essential.  Filling nail holes with putty and caulking separations on moldings will make the trim stand out.  The preparation work on new construction is a labor intensive, time consuming process.   You need to know what products to use.  You need to know how to apply those products.   It is not something you want to do in your spare time.  Television makes the painting look easy.  The preparation done on new construction is the important step.  Investing in  prep work will enhance the appearance of the space.

Painting  new construction should be done by a qualified professional.  When the new project is finally completed and you move into that new space, it is doubtful that you will get compliments on the framing or how well the insulation was done.  No one will see the pipes and the wires that are hidden behind the walls.  But, people will notice the paint job.  And it is the quality of the paint work that will represent the time, the effort and the dollars you invested in your newly constructed space.

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