Spackling – Drywall Repair


Any quality paint job starts with spackling — repairing wall and ceiling surfaces. We spackle small holes from nails or picture hooks. We repair small cracks in drywall using a fiberglass mesh tape , covered with several coats of joint compound. Paper joint tape is used to cover larger cracks and also to retape corners or ceiling lines, where the original joint tape may have separated or wrinkled.spackling

Drywall Repair

Major drywall repair such as fixing water damage, repairing ceilings and patching holes in walls requires a certain level of skill. With over thirty years in business, we at Artisan Painting have had enough practice to become experts in repairing walls and ceilings. Holes created in drywall from door knobs, plumbing or electrical work or water damaged wallboard can be repaired, in most cases, to their original state.

Skim Coating

In some instances where a broad area of wall surface may have been damaged from removing paneling or wallcovering, skim coating of the entire wall may be needed to attain a suitable surface. In almost every case it is more cost effective to repair drywall rather than replace it. Installing new drywall can involve removing moldings, radiators or lighting fixtures in addition to the drywall work.

Although we are not drywall contractors, we can do minor drywall installations including corner bead and taping and spackling.

skim coating

skim coating