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With Autumn Closing In

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

September has just run its course, October is coming with cooler weather.  Cooler weather also means that the painting contractors that have been painting exteriors all spring, summer and fall are going to start looking for interior work to hold them over the winter months.  At Artisan Painting we specialize in interior residential painting.  As a rule, we do not do exteriors.  Being interior residential specialists we have an advantage over those painting contractors who try to be all things to all people.

Being interior specialists means we work inside all the time.  Being neat and being careful becomes second nature when you do it every day.   A worker in the habit of dripping a little paint in your flower bed,  can get away with a little sloppiness while working outside.  The same lax attitude when brought indoors, can result in drips on floors or furniture.  And how often does that outside painter move furniture or work around carpeting and drapes?

As residential, interior specialists we are concerned with your peace of mind.  We know that painting the inside of your home is an intrusive process, so we take care in protecting your belongings.  We also try to minimize disruptions to your daily routine.  We are punctual.  We are quiet; we do not play a radio while we work.  We do not eat lunch on the job site.  And, we try to tidy up at the end of the day in order to give you as much access to your living space as possible.


Painting Before the Holidays

Monday, December 9th, 2013

I don’t know about other painters out there but we usually slow down before the holidays.  I’ve always assumed that in the month of December people are preoccupied with parties,  gifts, decorations and family.  They don’t think much about decorating.  But if you’re having company for the Holidays and the kitchen and the family room are looking a bit shabby, give us a call.  I am sure we can fit some last minute painting into our schedule.  And if you’re thinking about a new color for the bedroom, for the new year, this is a good time to get an estimate so you are ready to go in January.


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