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February 22nd, 2014

Artisan Painting has been an established business in East Islip for over 35 years.   Serving western Suffolk County on Long Island, we provide quality interior painting, wallpaper removal, wall repair and spackling.  We also hang wallpaper.  Artisan Painting is the local painter, providing quality service at an affordable price.




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Painting Estimates

December 12th, 2013

Although painting contractors’ methods may vary in arriving at a price, there are standard elements that make up a painting estimate. The two most common elements are labor and material. The labor price is developed by totaling the number of hours it will take to complete the project and multiplying those hours by a contractor’s hourly labor rate. The material cost is a result of estimating the amount of paint needed for the job and multiplying that by the price of the paint specified in the bid.

Some of the factors in estimating how long a project will take to complete include: set-up and clean-up times, size of the space, the types of doors and windows and how many doors and windows there are to be painted. So, a French door with 15 panes of glass will take longer to paint than a raised panel door. A raised panel door will take longer to paint than a plain, flush door. Applying two coats will take longer than a one-coat job.

After adding up the number of hours needed to complete a painting project, the contractor multiplies the total by an hourly rate. A contractor’s hourly rate includes wages but also reflects a share of the business’ operating costs. Worker’s compensation insurance, liability and business insurances, licenses, advertising costs and office expenses are just some of the costs included in the painting estimate. A legitimate contractor, who is licensed and insured, will cost you more than a fly-by-night painter.

The material costs depend upon the quality of the paint being used on your project. A premium paint that is durable and covers well will carry a premium price. The more coats applied, the more paint being used.

Get three written estimates and compare. Are the painters applying premium products? Are they doing the same prep work? Do all three estimates specify the same number of coats? Are the contractors licensed and insured?


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