Drywall Patch

Drywall Repair

Fig. 1

A customer needed a drywall patch after removing an in-wall air conditioner in the master bedroom.  In this case, the customer framed the opening and put in some insulation (Fig. 1).  That was his choice. Framing the opening is something we can do.  Figure 2 is the opening after fitting new drywall and applying the joint tape with the first coat of compound.

fitted drywall

Fig. 2

While the first coat of compound was drying we applied a coat of primer to the red walls.    After applying subsequent coats of joint compound, Figure 3 shows Richard wet sanding the patch to smooth any tool marks and to blend the patch into the existing wall.  Technique is everything when spackling a patch.  Making the compound smooth and level eliminates the need for excessive sanding.  We always wet sand our spackle, it keeps the work area clean and we don’t breath in the dust.

wet sanding

Fig. 3

The new finish coat would be much lighter so we apply one coat of primer and two finish coats. And this is the result.

Drywall patch

The finished product

Before and After _ Skim Coating


skim coating

skim coating

Skim coating of dining room walls after wallpaper had been removed. Here is the Facebook post where the owner commented on the job.